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Tuttnauer is a medical manufacturer working with hospitals, health clinics, pharma, and scientific laboratories in over 140 countries worldwide. As a leader in infection control and sterilization solutions for more than 95 years, Tuttnauer needed a cutting-edge digital presence.

With a working relationship spanning over ten years, Druim was the perfect partner for the modernization of Tuttnauer's digital presence. We pride ourselves on delivering them with a rewarding user experience and developing reliable and sleek digital solutions.

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Moving from a cumbersome site to measurable growth:

Tuttnauer worked on three direct consumer fonts, channeling its sales efforts through International, Chinese, and USA websites. Those websites featuring thousands of pages for products, models, support videos, and technical documentation, the older websites became increasingly unmanageable and ineffective.

Moving from a cumbersome site to measurable growth:

With improved content strategies and fresh design, Druim took over the development and cross-platform implementation of the new B2C websites.

  • Fresh new look: Druim created responsive, optimized multilingual websites.
  • Continuous adjustments: By providing detailed analytics and lead generation tracking flows, Druim enabled the sales cycle's constant improvement.
  • Improved performance: Druim has reduced the error rate and rewrote the legacy code base, mapped performance bottlenecks, and optimized loading time.
  • Maintenance budget: Druim switched to a reliable hosting partner, ensuring uptime and scaling on-demand, set-up continuous integration to speed up delivery while lowering hosting costs.
  • SEO and AMP: Boosted SEO rankings through accelerated mobile pages (amp) and optimized site structure.
  • Local regulations: Chinese regulation required the site to be hosted in mainland China. Druim set-up a reliable and cost-effective local CDN and hosting environment.

Tuttnauer's new B2C sites showed a record growth of over 250% in lead generation in just over three months after launch, and this figure keeps on growing.

E-Commerce And Catalogs coming soon.
Publishing Platform coming soon.

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